Sunday Favorites: 09.26.21

Happy Sunday! I have really missed sharing these lists of favorites. This time around, I'm featuring more than seven items because I've been stockpiling some really good things for a while now.

Whenever I see something I really like but am not going to purchase right away (which is usually the case), I save the link on a spreadsheet. I then go back to the spreadsheet from time to time to see if I'm still excited about the items. If so, I keep them on the list and end up referencing the links when Christmas or birthday season comes around. Of course, some of the items go out of stock or are removed from the website after a period of time. That's something to keep in mind when deciding if a purchase is worth it or not. Anyway, that's where I have been keeping links to many of these items, and I recommend keeping a similar list if you love to browse.

On the list, there's a mix of jewelry, clothes, home decor, furniture and more. Enjoy!

Pink and White Verbena Charm Bracelet

My friend Amulya, who works for The Little Market and has incredible taste, sent me the link to this bracelet. Bloom and Press makes jewelry from florals, including wedding flowers. You can send in your dried wedding florals to create custom jewelry, or you can purchase some of the pre-made items they have on-site. I am putting either a bracelet or necklace on my Christmas list!

Find it here.

Cost: $48.00

Gold Capiz Drum Flush Mount

This is a new find from World Market. Keep in mind that the capiz shell will have a plastic-like feel to it, but no one will be touching it on your ceiling... so does it really matter? I love the look of it and the "hammered" gold effect adds a lot of perceived value.

Find it here.

Cost: $169.99

The Madison from Jean Stoffer Design

The Madison by Jean Stoffer is my dream house through and through. It is the perfect blend of old charm with contemporary style and design. I saved it as a bookmark for reference whenever I need instant inspiration.

See the home tour here.

Rainbow Vest

This is the perfect sweater vest for transitional weather. It would look cute plain with white jeans or shorts or paired with a collared shirt and jeans.

Find it here.

Cost: $69.00

Dresser from Wayfair

This dresser is almost always sold out on Wayfar. I believe it is a knock-off of a high-end style. It also comes in white and grey.

Find it here.

Cost: $933.00

Placemats from IngleNook

I’ve recently rediscovered the art of entertaining. Having people over, setting the table, getting out the nice plates, lighting candles, putting on a playlist… it is all a lot of fun and worth all the prep and cleanup required. Given that I don’t have a huge space for entertaining, nor do I have my “dream” dining set up, I’ve been using placemats to create a pretty aesthetic. When not entertaining, they also look cute rolled up on my bar cart or on display in the center of the table under a vase of flowers.

Find them here.

Cost: $52.00 for pair of two.

Splurge: Puff Sleeve Collared Shirt

Check out that puffed sleeve! This material is so flattering and the color is great. At this price, I wouldn’t buy this without a special occasion in mind, but if you need an excuse, it qualifies as a staple that will always be in style.

Find it here.

Cost: $295

Porcelain Planter

I just love the collected look of a wild fiddle leaf planted in a colorful, large porcelain planter. A similar pot has made my list of things to purchase immediately if I see one for a reasonable price. I found two online (linked) but don’t need it now and would prefer to find one in the wild, like at an estate sale.

Find similar here and here.

Rue Chanoinesse Print

I ordered this print for my bedroom. It is magical and perfectly warm! All prints from Inglenook Studio are museum-quality prints. You could play into the look by putting this in an antique gold frame, or you could modernize it with a thick mat and thin black frame.

Find it here.

Starting at $36.00

J. Crew Factory Blazer

This blazer is a fall staple. The cut is very flattering, and the pop of electric blue under the collar is a nice touch.

Find it here. Cost: $125.00

Thank you for reading along!