If I Could Wear a Wedding Dress Every Day...

I would. Since I cannot, I've selected some of the amazing ones that I would wear again if I could!

Technically, I am having two "weddings" because we had a small ceremony this year (COVID forced our hand) and we're having a one-year anniversary party next year (which is the wedding we planned for this year). As much as I wish I could keep buying wedding dresses, I am wearing the tried-and-true pink from the small ceremony this year!

Anyway, I'm a big believer in the non-traditional wedding dress. I'm also now a believer in online wedding dress shopping, which is more relevant than ever. You can read about my online dress shopping experience here.

For anyone dress shopping right now, don't neglect the online search. You can control your budget and shop thousands of options you won't see in an atelier, plus you can even host close friends and family for an at-home try-on session when the dress(es) arrive. I suggest ordering a few online -- ensuring they have good return policies -- and scheduling some try-ons at bridal shops as well.

I had fun doing some research on other dream dresses and hope you enjoy them too! You might notice that several dresses are from the same brands... I tried to branch out but once I find a brand that resonates with my style, it is hard to look elsewhere. My final note is that most of these don't scream "bridal" like traditional dresses, so don't count them out for a special event you might have coming up, either.

  1. Wild Rose Ruffle Gown by Needle and Thread London

I'm a huge Needle and Thread snob and no one can convince me otherwise. They have the most gorgeous, unique styles that are so flattering and photograph well. This dress is STUNNING! If I were a fall bride, I would scoop this up and pair it with a bold lip. It also reminds me a little bit of Mandy Moore's pink ruffle wedding gown. This one also comes in pink.

2. Couture by Andrea Iyamah

You deserve to feel ethereal on your wedding day. This dress does it. I discovered Andrea Ivamah while searching for out-of-the-box wedding dresses online and was so inspired by her work. I'm pretty sure this dress is custom couture, as I don't see the specific style in her collections, but I like a lot of her dresses and would kill to try this one on.

3. Bianca & Jagger by Jenny Packham

When I was trying on dresses at bridal stores, I found that I definitely have a type. That type is a Jenny Packham dress. She loves embroidery, detail and artistry. This dress literally gives me chills, as do all of her styles. Winter brides -- please wear this for me!

4. Honesty Flower Dress by Needle and Thread London

Here is another Needle and Thread dress because I am shameless in my obsession. This dress is perfect for a non-traditional, relaxed ceremony. It is midi length but still very formal with its silhouette and extensive embroidery work. Don't get me started on the sleeves! Plus, I'm a sucker for an off-white dress.

4. Redding Gown by BHLDN

I couldn't get through the post without a BHLDN nod! Before we go any further, it is pronounced "beholden," which took me years to figure out. From my beloved Anthropologie coms the BHLDN collection, which offers gorgeous dresses for reasonable prices. My mom wore a BHLDN dress for my wedding, as did (and will) some of my bridesmaids. BHLDN bridal dresses are not as unique as you might find elsewhere but I love the elevated simplicity of some of their styles, like the Redding Gown. This dress is super flattering and is basically asking you to dress it up with bold jewelry or hair accessories. I love the way they styled it in these photos.

5. Colette by Jenny Packham

I'm a creature of habit and am bringing you another Jenny Packham stunner. I'm not one for a deep V but I love the illusion fabric in the gap. It is so good! The band at the waist would also be flattering in photos.

6. Bonheur Dress by BHLDN

The small details make this dress -- the pattern of the beading, the scalloped sleeves and the tasteful silhouette. It looks like a very expensive dress but is actually affordable -- only $595. This might be a stretch but you could probably have this altered after the wedding to live as a short or midi dress.

5. Chakra Sequin Gown by Needle and Thread London

Have I mentioned that you should think outside-of-the-box when it comes to your dress? Please imagine a bride in this dress surrounded by a wedding party wearing all different colors. If those photos wouldn't get a feature in Domino, I don't know what would.

Thanks for reading! I'm a sucker for all things wedding style. I'd love to hear your thoughts on these looks and whether or not you would ever consider one for your big day.