Holiday Gift Guide: For the Boys

Several of my friends asked for a gift guide for men and I was happy to oblige! My husband and I are stuck at home with Covid and had a lot of fun making this.

Many of these suggestions came from followers' responses on my Instagram poll, so thanks to everyone who submitted!

I also realized this time around that it is way faster to simply show the items and link them than to give each one a personalized blurb, as I did in my first gift guide. I did highlight some experience-based gifts at the bottom of the list, so make sure to check those out.

Also, I know not all men are looking for forest green, navy and black items. Everyone needs some color in their lives -- I was just going for the most generic choices for the guide. So make sure to check out all the available colors and patterns for each item.

Experiences and Services

Goldbelly Delivery

Goldbelly allows you to order food from some of the most famous restaurants around and have it delivered to your door. You can also find some of your favorite local restaurants, which is really the most fun part of the service. My in-laws just sent us a Goldbelly delivery from Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen in Chapel Hill, NC and it made our lonely Thanksgiving so much better! This would make such a fun gift for a foodie.

Order here.

Unique Airbnb Weekend

One of my favorite gifts to my Sean was surprising him with a getaway weekend to a tiny house on a random farm in Georgia. Booking something unique on Airbnb will cost you more than a "traditional" gift but will create an experience neither of you will forget!

Book here.

Cooking Class for Two

This one might have to wait until after Covid times, but a cooking class for two is a great gift for the both of you. You can look for someone to come to your home or you can go to an actual class or demonstration. If the meal blows your mind, you can cook it together on each anniversary!

I hope you enjoyed and got some good ideas. Thanks again for reading!

Happy holiday season!