Holiday Gift Guide

Gift ideas for yourself and others on your list!

There are thousands of gifting guides out there right now so I very much appreciate you visiting mine! I've tried to make mine a little different in hopes that you can find some unique items for your home or wardrobe.

Each of these items was chosen with a few criteria in mind:

Is this item high-quality and unique?

Is this item a good value for my home or wardrobe?

Is this an item that I could gift to a friend?

Is this an item that I could ask a family member, significant other or friend for?

If you have a friend who is building a home and who appreciates out-of-the-box gifts, consider surprising them with something for their home! There is always a risk with purchasing a home goods item (that's not a candle or mug...) for someone, but it can be done. Here are some items that are usually acceptable to gift someone for their home:

Small artwork that matches their overall design style- emphasis on small.

Small decorative mirror- I'm thinking sunburst here.

Set of 4-6 unique cups or glasses- think juice glasses, elevated wine or whiskey glasses.

Neutral throw blanket- stay in the neutral range.

Pot for a plant- succulents are great, but I'm referring to a quality pot that can fit a medium-sized plant.

Custom framed photo- and by "custom," I mean a frame from Framebridge or Artifact Uprising that has an elevated style. It would also be meaningful to get a photo from a recent life event of theirs, even if you're not in it. For example, my best friend Morgan recently gifted me one of my engagement photos in a nice frame.

Jewelry storage and ring dishes- these gifts serve both in form and function.

Many items in these categories have been included in the list. I've also included gifts from some of the go-to's like Amazon, Anthropologie, Wayfair and Target as well as some awesome small businesses. Enjoy!

Sunburst Mirror

Photography by Graham Yelton and provided by Set to Sell.

Sunburst mirrors are so versatile and can work with almost any design style. I love using them above a bed or in a collage of other art pieces. They also come in a range of styles, sizes and levels of quality. I've linked several above in different price ranges. The bottom two are my personal favorites... also the priciest!

It might be a weird thing to ask for as a holiday gift but if someone is open to gifting suggestions, then I am sure they would be happy to get you something that will be on constant display in your space.

Click on each mirror above to find the link to purchase.

Burl Wood Frame from Framebridge

I am simply obsessed with this frame. Framebridge is an amazing resource for framing everything from normal photos to odd objects like pendants, magazine articles, scarves, memorabilia, etc. I've even used them to frame a Turkish rug, which I'll highlight in a future post.

The site is running a 20% off sale right now so it would be a great time to have something special framed for a loved one or for yourself! This is my favorite frame but they have tons of options for customization.

Find it here.

Price: Starting at $65.00

Pom-Pom Slippers

Simply, wow. To give credit where credit is due, I found these on Julia Berolzheimer's gift guide, which you should also check out.

These won't replace my Ugg slippers, which are so sturdy that I can wear them to the grocery store, but these are such sweet little house shoes. Imagine yourself in these sipping some coffee on Christmas morning!

We're all stuck in our houses right now and could use something to make it feel more special some mornings. These slippers would do it for me. Also, the price is so low that you'll feel okay if these only last you a year of wear.

Find them here.

Price: $17.99

Cheetah Print Rug

This rug came off our wedding registry. It is such a fun style and while I never thought I would be using it in my kitchen, I love it there. I hope to use it in a powder bath in the future.

Find it here.

Price: $68.00

Chic Wish Dress

This was a Pinterest find. I haven't tried it out myself but thought it was a really cute and unique dress! My mom always loves to get me clothes and, of those clothes, particularly enjoys gifting pretty occasion dresses. If someone in your life enjoys doing the same, consider sending them this one.

Find it here.

Price: $75.90

Heart-Shaped Ring Dish

Shop small and gift the most beautiful handmade jewelry at the same time with Susan Gordon Pottery. I've gifted so many of her pottery pieces and have been lucky enough to receive many of them as well.

This ring dish can be personalized with a monogram, as my personal one is. Check out her whole site, especially if you're looking for a gift for a friend, mom, aunt, mother-in-law, mentor or coworker.

Find it here.

Price: $24.00

Brass Curtain Rod

This probably isn't one I would gift to someone without them directly asking and clarifying their window size but this is one you could put on your personal gift list.

I've used this in my own house and can vouch for it. The brass doesn't look cheap and the rod itself is very sturdy.

Don't be afraid to ask for household items on your list if someone is open to suggestions. In the long run, you'll make more of an impact in your home with curtains and a nice rod than a candle or generic gift.

Find it here.

Price: from $19.99

Mignonne Gavigan Necklace Scarf

Here's a splurge but one that is well worth it. I am such a fan of Mignonne and her work! She makes embellished jewelry and scarves to die for. This necklace scarf is at the very top of my wish list.

Find it here.

Cost: $297.50 on sale

Table Lamp

Affordable lamp from Wayfair with good reviews? Yes, please. This room serves as some inspiration for a lamp of this style.

Find it here.

Price: $76.99 on sale

Harriet Wall Sconce

This wall sconce won't break the bank and might be a good ask from someone who wants to splurge on you. For less than $300, you can get two sconces that will totally change the look and feel of your space.

Find it here.

Price: $148.00

Acrylic Jewelry Organizer from The Container Store

I had avoided the slippery slope that is shopping at The Container Store for years but have finally given in. Once you buy one thing, it is hard to stop!

I purchased this jewelry organizer with a gift card I received recently. Instantly, my mess of a jewelry tray fit nicely into the sections of this organizer. It is stackable and the drawers pull out as well. This is a great gift for a friend or family member.

Find it here.

Price: Starting at $19.99

Elevated Accent Pillows from Etsy

These gorgeous pillow covers are reasonably priced and look expensive. The design firm I used to work for often sourced from this Etsy vendor and was always pleased with the products. I'm a big fan of both the sweet pastel colors and the deep hues offered in this striped velvet pillow.

Find the Etsy shop here.

Cost: starting at $40.00

Velvet Mary Janes

Talk about some statement shoes. I hadn't planned to include more than one pair of shoes on this list but once I saw these, I couldn't resist! These are a little "much" to give to a friend but would be great to add to your wishlist.

Find them here.

Price: $109.99 on sale

Ring Box

Yes, these are traditionally for engagement rings but they don't have to be! Personally, I would love another for a family heirloom ring and might ask for one in the coming years. If someone in your family -- think mom, aunt, grandmother -- has a family heirloom ring, this gift would be so special and thoughtful. The boxes can be monogramed or plated.

These boxes are extremely quality and are worth the price.

Find them here.

Price: Starting at $85.00

Decorative Brass Figurine

This is a perfect example of a weird and unexpected home goods gift that a friend of yours might love! It is hard not to like and can be placed anywhere to add some interest.

Find it here.

Cost: $20.00

Margaux's The Boot

Margaux is a great female-founded company based in NYC. I've been a fan of their shoes since I met the founders at an entrepreneurship event in college! Their boots would be considered a splurge for many, myself included, but I can vouch that they're worth it.

Find them here.

Price: $263.00 on sale

Unique Picture Frames

If you do want to go the picture frame route, I would recommend going for something with an added flair to it. These frames at Anthro are stunning and look better than your average frames.

Find them here.

Price: starting at $24.00

A Few Other Favorites

Click on the images below to explore some other awesome gifts.

Finally, a quick reminder that you don't need to shop just to shop! Just because something is on sale does not mean that you must have it. If it doesn't work with your personal or gift budget, it is best to pass. There will always be more sales and more amazing products.

Thanks again for reading!

Happy holiday season!