Holiday Gift Guide

Every September, I start a spreadsheet of links to items I might want on my Christmas list. It is a great way for me to feel like I'm shopping without actually spending any money in the moment. As gifting season approaches, I reference the list when people ask what I'd like and when the Black Friday sales come around.

I also keep a tab on the file with links to gifts I find that might be good for others. If someone mentions liking or wanting something, I'll text myself the link and add it to the sheet. It makes holiday shopping a lot more manageable.

This blog is a combination of items from my wishlist, my favorite products I've obtained over the past year, and gifts I've given in the past.

Click on each image for the link to view and purchase!

P.S. I recently signed up for the Amazon Influencer Program, so I receive a small commission on items purchased on Amazon through my affiliate links, which have been applied to the Amazon links in this post. My full Amazon Storefront with curated picks can be found here.

Prints from Inglenook Studio

I've added several prints from Inglenook studio to my home in the last year. I couldn't be more impressed with the quality, coloring and selection. The prints are museum-quality and look original. In fact, I was getting my Anna's Freer Fashion print framed and the framing professional mistook it for the original painting, not simply a print.

The prints hanging in my guest room- plus some of my other favorite decor items - are linked below.

Chloè Knock-Off Boots from Amazon

I receive at least one compliment every time I wear these boots. They're heavily inspired by a certain Chloè boot that costs about 65x what these do. In the airport, a woman came up to me and winked saying she "owned the same pair from Chloè," not realizing mine were knock-offs.

I've had one of the buckle caps fall off, but otherwise they're pretty well-made. They're also super comfortable! I wear them for hours and days on end at furniture markets without any issues.

Find them here.


Flower Bomb Perfume

I received this scent for Christmas last year and love it!

Find it here.


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Beauty and Self Care

Happy holiday season!