Guest Bedroom Project: We're getting there!

We're on the topic of the guest bedroom again this week. I promise that we will eventually get to some other topics -- especially those that have been requested by you -- as soon as things slow down a little with the guest bedroom.

If you haven't read the past two posts on the guest bedroom project, check them out here and here.

We're making progress!

So, if you missed it on Instastories, I totally switched up the layout of the guest bedroom. When we moved in, I put the bed against the wall because that's normally the "rule" when it comes to laying out a bedroom. Things were moving so fast back then and I didn't even think twice about it!

I've been spending more and more time in this room, which caused me to take a step back and rethink the layout. When you walk into any room, you should have a great first impression. Before I switched things up in here, you walked into the side of the bed and it felt pretty tight. In reality, this room is large and just needed the right layout to show it off.

So, I moved the bed in front of the window and moved the dresser to the left on the big (and only solid) wall. A bed in front of a window is not my favorite but it helps that 1) the headboard is solid and creates such a nice silhouette in front of the window light and 2) there are two windows in the room so it doesn't feel like I'm blocking out the only natural light.

These pictures also don't show all of the furniture, either. I sold the teeny metal and wooden table on Facebook Marketplace and am going to use the antique side table I took out of the family storage unit as the bedside table. I thought I would want two bedside tables or chests but I think one will be okay for this room.

Plus, I'll have one lamp on the dresser and will only need one beside the bed.

I feel like this layout change has reinvigorated the entire project! It truly feels like a totally different room now. To those who still liked layout one (the old one) better, I get it. I think either could work and, in many ways, layout one probably photographs better from most angles.

Being in the room physically makes all of the difference for this one. It feels so much bigger and has a better flow to it. I also love looking into his room from the hallway now, whereas before I usually kept the door closed.

Other updates

Rug: The rug came in and is simply perfect. The bigger size (8x10) made a big difference in lightening up the room and adding some soft texture. It is very soft and the colors are subtle. The geometric design is soft and sophisticated. Definitely a great pick! Find the rug at retail here.

Curtains: You might recall that I only have one set of curtains in this room. The curtains I have are very thin -- I think they're from Target. I'm going to move them to the living room and purchase more for my two untreated windows in that room (eventually, not now).

When thinking about what I needed for this room, I had a few criteria in mind:

1) Blackout curtains that are thick and will appear solid behind the headband

2) Soft white in color

3) Rod pocket (look more expensive and have the "floating" effect)

Here are the ones I ordered, which are Lauren Ralph Lauren brand from Overstock. They're blackout and all of the reviews said they were very thick. I think I'll tape in some trim later to add some interest and color.

Curtain Rod: I already have one, so I'm just getting the match. I wish it were a little less bright and shiny (aka cheap-looking) but it definitely works. Here it is, from Target. It isn't the same one from Amazon that is shown in the mood board. That darker brass one is used in both my bedroom and dining room. Find it here.

Lamps: I bought the lampshade shown in the mood board. It is from Ballard Designs and can be found here.

It is a great shade, but I have a few issues with it for this room. It is made of grasscloth, which is great but can come off a little yellow-y. Additionally, it is too small for the spot I had planned to use it, which was beside the bed. I ordered the largest size they had but it just isn't right. I don't have a base for it either. It was a situation where I thought the lampshade was a staple for the room and would work around it once it arrived. As much as I do love this shade and recommend it for anyone on the market, it wasn't right for this room.

I'm a little torn on the return. I could either pay for return shipping myself or I could use the refund money for an exchange and have shipping covered. I'm considering this because I love Ballard's lamps and lampshades and am in need of some for both this room and others in the house. The grasscloth shade I purchased is one of the more expensive ones, so I could use the exchange to get two other shades for what I paid for this one. Luckily, I have 90 days to decide.

Regardless, I need something larger for the bedside table. The lamp I have there currently is a great size but the colors aren't right. I also think it would be nice to mix in something a little more modern to keep the feminine room from feeling stuffy.

The one I put in the mood board is a very high-end lamp (I only showed the base) that I didn't plan to order but wanted to throw in for inspiration. I found a similar look in this lamp on sale for $191 from Ballard Designs. If I decided it was right, I would use my refund from the grasscloth shade (plus some...) and get this lamp for the bedside table. I am not making any moves yet and want to look around on second-hand sites before I invest in something new. I'm also not sold on this one but was excited to find it as an option!

I had a big Facebook Marketplace win this week in the lamp department! This might be a polarizing choice but I love this wicker lamp and was shocked to see it on Facebook Marketplace for $30. Before you think this is ugly and weird, let me tell you about wicker lamps: they're semi-rare and cool. The lamp on the right is on sale for $150.00 from Chairish. Other, similar ones are around $250, like this one. It adds such charm to the room! The scalloped edges are what really sold me.

If you don't like the lamp, just wait until the room comes together. I think it will add to the collected, feminine and cozy look. But I definitely understand that a lot of people will still find it weird.

Nightstand: Pictured below is the table I'm going to be using. It didn't come with the headboard even though the wood tones are basically identical. I got the headboard from my Grandmother's house and the table came out of my Grammy's house. Both pieces were free to me and are very meaningful.

I will probably paint it? I'm not sure. I don't want too much painted furniture in the room but I also don't love a matchy-matchy headboard and beside table. I wish I could get a table that wasn't wood so I could mix materials but it just isn't in the budget right now. More on this once I make a call on the dresser paint.

Dresser: The decision on what color to paint the dresser must be made after the wallpaper decision. I'm thinking a warm gray but I don't want it to look blah against the wall or wallpaper. More on that discussion below.

In the meantime, I went looking for some drawer pulls. I was limited on selection because my handles are 4.25" apart, which is a size that can be found but is not very common. I turned to Etsy and found some brass ones that are similar in tone to the curtain rod.

I made a little mockup in Keynote just to get an idea of how they would look. The color will be different, of course, but I wanted to check on the shape and make sure the hardware wasn't too busy with the details on the dresser. I think it works!

Once the drawer pulls come in, I'll take them to Anthropologie and try to match the brass finish to two knobs for the top drawers. Because the dresser will probably be a neutral, I might add a subtle color pop in the knobs. If that doesn't work out, I can just go back and order two from the same Etsy vendor so I know the brass will match. I'm liking these from Anthropologie but am not going to order yet.

Wallpaper Dilemma

Before I changed the layout of the room, I purchased enough wallpaper from Wallpaperie to fully cover the solid wall. I was torn between a mural pattern and an all over pattern. I ended up going with this one, which is the all-over pattern.

So now that the layout has changed, I'm wondering if the wallpaper plan should change. I could do wallpaper on the left wall as planned or I could put it on the wall behind the bed. I'll have some extra if I go that route but I can save it.

Arguments for the big wall:

1) I don't want the large wall to look boring as compared to the straight-on wall, where you will also see the window, curtains, table, lamp and bed.

2) The dresser will be painted a different color and will not be so bold. This wall might need something impactful beyond a mirror and/or artwork.

3) I could do a large mirror over the dresser, which would cover some of the wallpaper and make it look less busy.

Arguments for the window wall:

1) I like the idea of seeing the wallpaper right when you walk in the room. If it is on the big wall, you won't see it until you're in the space.

2) The wallpaper is busy and might be too much for the large wall, but just enough for the window wall.

3) The wall to the right likely won't have anything on it except the curtains (with the added trim -- probably).

I need input on this one! I'll post an Instagram poll with more photos and videos of the room and the wallpaper. I'd like to start hanging it this weekend if possible.

Next steps:

  • Get paint samples for the dresser (and nightstand?)

  • Decide on the wallpaper location and get it hung

  • Hang the new curtain rod and replace/hang curtains

  • Start thinking about artwork

  • Share a budget update! Yes, this is all costing me some $. I'm working on a budget of $1,000 and can see it quickly approaching. I'm going to talk about this more in the next blog!

Thanks for following along!