Guest Bedroom Project: Next steps

If you missed last week's post on the beginnings of the guest bedroom project, this one might not make much sense. Check the first one out here.

I ended that post by saying I was ordering this wallpaper from Etsy to test with my bedding and existing paint color. The sample was $12 and worth it! The photos below were taken in the same room but with slightly different lighting.

I think the paper works really well. The pink-ish peach in the wallpaper is very close to the color of the bedspread, which was my hope! And the wallpaper works well enough with the existing paint color.

Here's the issue... it is expensive. In hindsight, I really should have measured and priced it out with my budget in mind before ordering a sample and focusing in on this one specific wallpaper, but it was so pretty that I got carried away.

As a reminder, I budgeted $1,000 (with a goal to spend less) for the room update. When I measured and realized how much of my budget could be eaten up by wallpaper, I started to have some second thoughts.... more on that below.

Measuring for Wallpaper // Price of Wallpaper

Once I confirmed that the paper would work design-wise, I began to measure to see how much I would need. Measuring a simple wall is no rocket science, but I still consulted this blog as my guide.

  • The wallpaper comes in rolls of 24" W x 108" H or 24" W x 120" H. I need the 108" H, knowing I'll have to cut some off. For the width, my wall is 132", so I divided that number by 24", which comes out to 5.5.

  • I'll need 6 rolls. Each roll in the size I need is $84.00, so I'm looking at a $504 investment.

Sheesh! That is more than I had hoped to spend for something temporary, but it does set the tone for the entire room. Plus, this is peel-and-stick paper, so it is reusable. I can use this again in the future for several applications. My personal favorite is to frame wallpaper.

I can also use it to line the back of shelves or a piece of furniture in the future. Maybe I could paint the piece in my dining room (pictured below) and line the back with the leftover wallpaper someday. A follower mentioned that they could see this piece in a nursery to hold folded baby clothes/blankets and baskets of toys. I loved the idea (though that's not happening any time soon...)!

I considered that I could do the framed panels now and save some money. I (obviously) didn't take the time to work this up in Photoshop but hopefully, this Canva mockup conveys one possible wallpaper scenario. In this one, I could frame two smaller panels of paper on either side of the bed.

I'm worried that it would look too busy to have the two panels, then the two curtains -- both essentially large rectangular shapes. It might also look empty above the bed without anything, plus I think I need a curved shape to offset all of the boxiness of the wallpaper panels and curtains. But maybe the headboard and "wavy" bedspread would accomplish that? It is really hard to tell without having everything in front of me in the room! Seasoned designers could probably make a quick call but I'm having some design paralysis.

By this point, I've convinced myself to just go for the wallpaper. I looked at the budget and decided that I could spare a few other big items in order to splurge here, which is the most important element of the room in my opinion.


Next on my list of big purchases for the room is the rug. I currently have a 5x7 in there, which is just way too small. I also want to lighten up the room, so I'm going for an 8x10 to cover more of the dark wood floors.

I usually order rugs through Jaipur. I'm very fortunate that I can still order rugs through the design firm I used to work at, so I can go straight to the vendor and avoid the traditional retail markup.

After combing their site, I decided to stick to a rug in the Fables collection. I've used rugs from this collection for clients in the past and love the quality for the price. After searching through them all, I narrowed down to two top contenders. They're pretty different from one another, which is the beauty of being able to order samples to test in person.

Rug option #1:

Rug #1 pulls from the brown and cream in the wallpaper. I also really like the soft blue-ish gray-green in the rug. I prefer rug #1 in the mood board and thought it would be my pick when the samples arrived. Spoiler alert: the samples arrived today and I was wrong!

Find this rug at retail here.

Rug option #2:

Rug #2 is little bit unexpected and a nice departure from the other items in the room. I think the contrast of the geometric rug and the artistic, painted nature of the wallpaper adds an air of sophistication to the design.

Find this rug at retail here.

When comparing the mood boards, I was definitely feeling rug #1. Everyone I sent the mood boards to was also thinking it would be the winner. However, everything changed when the samples came in today...

This rug was a good idea in theory but the browns are not jiving in person. I'm so thankful for samples because, without them, I probably would have gone with this rug based on the mood boards.

Next steps: Order the rug, order the wallpaper, select paint color for the dresser, order matching (or new) curtains and another curtain rod. I also need to sell some of the items currently in the room.

Thanks for following along. I'd love to know your thoughts!