Friday Favorites: 11.06.20

Friday is here! This week somehow felt very long and very short at the same time and I am ready for the weekend. Enjoy today's Friday Favorites!

This Woven Pillow on Sale for $39

You can tell these pillows aren't from TJ Maxx or Target because of their unique coloring and thoughtful texture. There is nothing wrong with generic throw pillows from stores we shop at often but having a few elevated throw pillows does a lot for a room.

I've admired these on Anthro's website for a while and even had them on our wedding registry at one point! If you're going with the square pillow, I would get two. Either two squares or the solo lumbar would look great on plain, white bedding with a coordinating bed blanket in one of the thread colors. Of course, they would work elsewhere in the house too.

And finally, as if I have not talked about these long enough, they kind of have a holiday flair to them, so you could use them as your seasonal pillows if you're into switching out.

Find them here.

Cost: $39.99 each (Anthropologie is doing an extra 25% off sale items right now!)

Rifle Paper Co.'s Silk Scarves

Rifle Paper Co. can do no wrong. I get all of their marketing emails and eagerly read each one both for inspiration and because I always have a few of their items on a wishlist. These silk scarves can be used around the neck, on a bag, on the wrist, around a ponytail... lots of places. They're 100% silk and come packaged in an elegant paper-wrapped gift box with gold foil accents, which makes them even better than they already were.

If you're thinking out-of-the-box, you could even frame one for a large piece of statement artwork. I've had this idea for a while but haven't ever pulled the trigger on it, so let me know if you do! Stay tuned for a future post about artwork ideas that won't break the bank.

Find them here.

Cost: $98.00

Cloche with Matches from CB2

An insignificant hill I would die on? I never ever ever light a candle with anything except a match. At any restaurant where they have matches in a little bowl by the door, I take five at least and make anyone I'm with do the same! There's something about striking a match, lighting the wick and blowing out the flame that is so satisfying.

Someone was kind enough to get us a CB2 gift card as a wedding gift recently, which I used to get this matchstick holder (which apparently is called a cloche). It serves two purposes: it contains GREAT matches that always light on the first strike and functions as a cute styling piece I can cheaply refill with Amazon matches in the future. Even if you're not into $30 matches, at least you can say you learned a new word today.

Find it here.

Cost: $29.99

Set Design from The Queen's Gambit

"The Queen's Gambit" is such a wonderful name for a show that I started watching it without much context as to the subject of the series. Turns out, it is a gripping story about an orphan chess prodigy set in the 1960's. I am loving the show so far and the set design alone is worth watching.

I never formally studied design so I was not quite sure how to name this iconic style. Thanks to a House Beautiful article, I now know it is called "grandmillennial." Give the show a watch if you want to see tastefully-done elaborate wallpapers, pattern overload, floral everything, monochromatic color schemes, sunburst mirrors and lots of frill.

See more here.

This Bumblebee Print from Pen + Pillar

Pen + Pillar is a company based in my hometown of High Point, North Carolina and is run by a friend of mine and her husband. I love both their work and the story behind what they do! Pen+Pillar gives 10% of all proceeds to help local refugees get settled into their new lives, as well as partner with local refugee artisans. Art has an amazing power of influence, so they believe it should be used boldly and as a force for good, and encourages a community that believes the same. 

I have had their prints on my walls for years and this bumblebee print needs to join the collection ASAP. It is important to have some artwork with white space, specially in a collage scenario like I have in my hallway. This bee print would make the perfect addition!

See more here.

Cost: $24.00

Lilac Garland Needle and Thread Dress

My husband was a groomsman in a wedding recently and I was thrilled for the chance to actually get dressed up, do my hair and makeup and go somewhere (safely and with a coordinating mask). I decided it was a great occasion to splurge on a dress! I'm not sure I have ever received more compliments than I did while wearing (and posting about) this purple and green Needle and Thread dress, so I thought I'd share the details.

Mine is from ASOS, which I've linked below. It fit perfectly but I did have to alter the neckline a bit to make it less plunging. Luckily, it was such an easy fix that my tailor only charged me $5 for the alteration.

Like Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark holds a special place in my heart. They have a pretty decent Needle and Thread selection on the site, too. I was browsing last night and actually spotted a short version of the dress in a size 6! It still isn't cheap but is listed for a great price for the value of the dress.

Find the one I wore here.

Cost: $323.00

Find the Poshmark listing here.

Cost: $325

This 50" Warwick Three-Door Cabinet for Half Off!

Before you run to purchase this three-door cabinet from Target, read below.

We have a fireplace in our tiny living room with some empty space on either side (no built-ins). I desperately needed two matching cabinets in those spots for the storage and found this one online at Target. It is $400 per cabinet, which meant I was looking at an $800 purchase because I needed two to match and needed to get both at the same at the risk of them discontinued or perpetually out of stock.

On the same day I called my mom and asked for "cabinet funds" as a Christmas and birthday gift, I got on Facebook Marketplace and found two of the exact same cabinets from Target for $200 each at a local discount warehouse. I couldn't believe it! And while I was not mentally prepared to spend $400 on a home goods purchase that day, the sale was too good to pass up. After getting the go-ahead from my husband, I Venmo'ed the seller in advance so she would hold them for me, then picked them up in my Subaru one-at-a-time.

I'm telling this story for two reasons:

1) You should be aware that there are discount stores selling Target items with slight imperfections at half the cost. In this case, the shelves inside are a little off and fall off their pegs kind of easily. Dirt Cheap always has Target items, some people own their own warehouses and sell online, etc. So, if you're interested in this cabinet, go check resale stores and your Marketplace feed ASAP because I guarantee the two I bought were part of a bad batch that Target sold out to discount wholesalers.

2) One thing you should know before buying: The front is see-through. It isn't a big deal but in my already-small space, it adds some visual "clutter" to see colored outlines of the items I have behind the doors. I could definitely DIY something to put behind the mesh at some point. I'll show the cabinets on my Instastory to show what I mean about them being see-through.

Find it here at full-price.

That's all for this week! Thank you to everyone who asked about affiliate links when purchasing. I'm not that official yet but hopefully someday can get credit if you purchase through these links! Have a great weekend.