Friday Favorites: 01.01.21

Happy January and Happy 2021! I hope you woke up this morning feeling excited and hopeful for the year to come.

I'm loving today's Friday Favorites. It took me quite some time to make this one and I tried to go into more detail than I usually do. Starting off 2021 strong I suppose!

Fabric Lamp Shades

Photo via Pinterest (broken link to source)

I've been craving cozy interiors lately. Pattern, texture, antiques, drapery, too many pillows... any space that looks warm and inviting. A common theme in many of these rooms is having at least one fabric lampshade.

You can't just throw a fabric lampshade in any room. It has to be the right room -- one with lots of patterns and deep hues. I don't see one in my immediate future but will continue to love the look until I can make it a reality someday.

If you do happen to have a room ready for some next-level design, check out these lampshades (click on each one for the link):

These Pants from the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale

All of the reviews state that these pants are super flattering but way more saturated in person. The color is probably more like the bottom right photo more so than the other two. Regardless, I really like them and am trying to make my wardrobe more interesting, so I went for them! I'll share my thoughts on Instagram when they come in.

They're on sale as part of Nordstrom's Half-Yearly Sale, which lasts until January 3. Even if these aren't your thing, you should check out the sale if you're in need of a refresh.

Find them here.

Cost: $59.40 on sale

Velvet Statement Booties

Santa treated me well and surprised me with these velvet booties this year (thanks, mom!). So far, I've found them to be cute and comfortable.

They're on sale for under $100 right now, which is a great deal. I wear a 6.5 normally and got these in a 37, which fit perfectly. They're selling out really fast so don't wait if you want these and see your size. They also have them in black and olive, where more sizes are available.

Find them here.

Cost: $99.95 on sale

Burl Wood

As I've mentioned before, I often scour Facebook Marketplace just to see what I find. Two days ago, I saw this gorgeous burl wood armoire on marketplace for $350 and wanted it so badly. Practical? Maybe not. Will it fit it in my house? No. But I still wanted it.

Burl wood is pricey and somewhat rare. It is also very expensive -- check out this $4,200 burl wood coffee table here and this burl wood dresser for $4,000 here. I figured this piece on marketplace was a smart purchase in terms of design and potential resale value.

The problem was fitting it in my house. If I had a garage or storage space, I would have bought it immediately. The best solution I could think of was to store it in my guest room and sell a dresser I currently have, which wouldn't have been the best look but could have worked in function, I suppose. I also wondered if it could fit in my very small office in place of a bookshelf that got damaged in our move. I love my office but know I am not going to focus my design dollars or time on the room before we move someday, so I'd be fine with a weird piece taking up space there for a while.

I'm not currently in Tulsa so I couldn't measure my office, so I didn't know if it would even work there. All day, I was consumed with thoughts about whether or not to buy it before someone else did, so I called my "uncle Robert," aka the incredibly talented and seasoned designer who designed my parents' house, for advice.

He agreed that the piece was unique and very cool, but commented on the fact that resale value might not be as great as I initially thought. Armoires are kind of obsolete -- we now have walk-in closets and can mount TV's directly on the wall. People don't really have need for pieces like this anymore, which is probably one reason it was on sale for just $350.

He said that I should get it if I had the space for it but not to try to make it work if I did not. So, I decided I would wait until I got back from Ohio (tomorrow) and measure to see if it might fit in my office (I'd have to sell a bookcase but that's fine) instead of the guest room. The seller said he would let me know if anyone wanted it in the meantime. Sadly, someone did reach out wanting to buy it at full price. I assumed fate was making the decision for me and just told the seller to give it to them. As sad as I was, I decided to let it go and save the money for my guest room revamp.

As a consolation to myself, I bought a burl wood picture frame at a local shop here in Madiera, Ohio. I also told the seller to let me know if he ever has anything similar.

Now, the saga is over but I'm still on the burl wood train and will keep looking out for pieces that I can easily incorporate into my house.

Find the frame here.

Cost: $31.50 on sale.

Regina Andrew Lamp on eBay

Someone must have an in with Regina Andrew lamps because I continue to find them on eBay for insane prices. On most sites, this lamp costs just south of $400. For example, find it on sale for $387.50 here. I can't believe I just found it on eBay for $169.95!

Find it here.

Cost: $169.95

Turkish Rug Pillow Cover

I posted a very similar pillow on my Instagram story recently and everyone loved it! The one I posted has since sold out but the Etsy designer has a lot of great options.

Find it here.

Cost: $33.79 for the cover.

This Stair Runner DIY from Negative Space

Remember those Chris Loves Julia x Loloi rugs I linked in an old Friday Favorites? A blogger I follow on Instagram did an amazing DIY stair runner project using three runners, carpet tape, and a heavy-duty staple gun. She said that it took a couple of hours but was a relatively easy project!

Everyone in the comments has been asking how she did it, to which she commented that she would are all the details on her Instagram soon. Follow along at @negativespace to get all the details. I know I will be!

Follow along with her here and find the rug collab here.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found some new items to love.