Friday Favorites: 04.16.21

I had to make this week's Friday Favorites good because I'm about to take a little hiatus! I'll be traveling for work for the next two weeks and sadly don't foresee much time to write. But don't worry, I'll post the best finds on my Instagram so no one misses out on any great deals or inspiration.

Marble and Gold Wine Rack

I was just gifted this wine rack and it 100% lives up to its "top rated" Anthropologie review. At $68, it makes a great gift or fun purchase for your own bar cart.

Find it here.

Cost: $68.00

Scalloped Rug

This rug has so much character! I found it on Etsy and was very pleased to see the vendor offers tons of similar options that are all just as special.

This is a jute rug, so it will not be easy to clean if something is spilled on it. For that reason, I'm picturing a small size of this rug in a sunroom, office or guest bedroom. It would also look great in an entry, but maybe one that isn't high-traffic to avoid excess dirt.

Find it here.

Cost: Starting at $48.75

Pastel Pajamas

Silky pastel-colored pajamas available for under $30 on Amazon? That is speaking my language. I ordered these and can confirm that they're awesome for the price. I also own them in green. They're obviously not real silk, but the polyester feels silky and they can be washed and dried without extra care.

Find them here.

Cost: $24.99

Quirky Home Tour

I found this fun and quirky home tour on Pinterest and had to share. The design choices are super eclectic and it feels like the designer followed their every whimsy to create this unique look. If ever I am so lucky as to have a vacation home, I want it to be fun and creative like this.

My Favorite Sandals

These sandals are a staple. I have owned three different colors and have had a pair in my closet since at least 2015 (according to my camera roll). They instantly elevate simple outfits and add an extra layer to cute outfits.

I wear them so often that one pair usually lasts two years. They come in a few different shades. I've had white (twice) and natural sand, and I just recently ordered the molten gold. Looking back at photos, I prefer the look of the white ones but recall how dirty they got. Either way, you can't go wrong with these.

Find them here.

Cost: $140.00

DIY: Stripping a Dresser

Talk about a budget-friendly DIY! Claire Zinnecker, an interior designer in Austin, Texas, posted about finding two dressers and stripping them down to a natural state. She found one of the dressers on Facebook marketplace and one on the side of the road.

She goes into detail in her Instagram story highlights, but in summary, she did the following to one dresser:

1) Applied Citristrip stripping gel and water with a scrub brush

2) Sanded it and wiped the excess off

3) Sealed it

And this to the other one (pictured above):

1) Applied wood bleach and water with a sponge

2) Sanded it and wipe the excess off

3) Sealed it

This project is super attainable. I cannot tell you how many dressers come across on Facebook marketplace with that exact brown finish. I hadn't realized how simple it could be to transform it into something great. If you want to see the process in action, head to Claire's Instagram here and look at her story highlights to see the DIY project.

"You Don't Know Jacques"

If you ever need someone to convince you to get an SNS "dip" manicure, I'm your girl. Getting dip helped me finally grow my nails out long, plus each manicure lasts me up to four weeks. I recently got the color "You Don't Know Jaques" and am a big fan of the gray/brown tones that go with pretty much everything.

You can purchase the OPI bottle for an at-home mani or pedi here. Mine pictured are dip but I have a bottle of the regular polish at home for my toes.

Thank you for reading along!