Friday Favorites: 04.02.21

Happy Good Friday to those who observe this day! Today's post is coming pretty late... but still on a Friday. And I'm proud of myself for that! Hopefully you can enjoy this as you mindlessly watch a movie or while you're drinking coffee tomorrow morning.

Proof That a Small Space Doesn't Have to be Boring

Look at how much design is packed into a relatively small space!

The pink and green color scheme nods to the apartment's location in sunny West Palm Beach, Florida... but that doesn't mean you can't take elements of this palm beach style to your home or apartment (even if it is in Tulsa, Oklahoma).

I'm so impressed by how many interesting vignettes are in this (relatively) small space. The whole apartment feels spacious & cozy & chic & custom all at the same time, and each corner has its own sense of purpose.

Much of the cohesion in the space is the result of custom fabric work. You'll notice that the headboard has been upholstered in the same fabric as the pillows in the living room and the ones in the breakfast nook. The olive green window treatments are carried between the bedroom and living areas. It also looks as if the pink fabric covering the sofa might match the bedding. These are perfect examples of design investments worth making.

If you've ever wondered what makes the work of interior designers so different than amateur bloggers relying on savvy sale purchases and inherently good style: custom work is the answer. Someday, when I have an interiors budget substantial enough to take on a big design project, it will be worth making some budget-conscious decisions elsewhere in the room to have custom work done.

I highly encourage you to check out the full tour at the links below!

See the blog about the re-design here and see the House Beautiful tour here.

Windowpane Plaid Curtain Panel

Speaking of... a design blogger I follow posted the link to these plaid curtains from Target and I decided they were as close to custom as I can get for now! They feature both a light pattern and a cool tie feature, which make them feel elevated beyond the standard white curtains I usually purchase.

I'm planning to get these for our living room when my interiors budget allows (I need six plus three curtain rods, which adds up). The light blue plaid pattern will serve as the inspiration for a major pillow overhaul as well. I'm looking at these from Target.

See the curtains here.

Cost: $24.99/panel

Abercrombie is Cool Again...

Words I didn't think I would say after high school: I just got this amazing outfit from Abercrombie!

I had heard through the grapevine that Abercrombie had moved away from the lace camisoles with moose on them and had rebranded their offerings. So, when I was shopping for a cute outfit for my *very delayed* "bachelorette" weekend happening in May, I decided to pop in. My mom and I were shocked! The overwhelming smell of their perfume was still pumping through the vents, but the clothes were all new.

I picked up a lot of things to try on but settled on this breezy two-piece set and a high-waisted pokla dot bikini (seen in the back of my photo and available for purchase here). Sorry about the socks...

I bought an XS in the top and bottoms and they fit well. The top is a little tight, even for the small-busted! They also make cute shorts that go with this top.

Overall, very impressed. I'll be a returning customer, although I think they need to ditch the moose logo and the perfume.

Find the top here.

Cost: $49.00

Find the pants here.

Cost: $69.00

Your Missing Element: a Picture Light

If your bookshelves or artwork is feeling really "blah," a simple solution could be to invest in a picture light.

The light shown in the photo to the left is $88.00 from House of Troy at is sold at Lamps Plus. It has to plug into the wall, which might be a deal-breaker but can be worked around in the right space! Plus, it is your only option if you're a renter, unless you use puck lights. I haven't tried that renter-friendly hack yet but am intrigued by it. You can find a helpful article about that here.

The option on the right from Shoppe Amber Interiors is made to be hardwired into the wall, which gives the look we're all dreaming of when it comes to sconces. It obviously looks nicer and warrants a higher price of $145.00.

Image via Neylan Design

Set to Sell / Neylan Design, the interior design and home staging company I worked for in Birmingham, taught me the magic of the picture light. We often staged with them to create a more custom look.

The Way Home Shorts

A kind follower sent me the link to these shorts (thanks, Hannah!), I am glad she did, because they're perfect for summer and make for a great Friday Favorites feature.

I love all of the colors they come in, plus I'm a sucker for anything high-waisted. they're a little billowy so I probably wouldn't wear them to anything resembling a yoga or Pilates class, but they look like they'd be a great casual summer short. I bet they would be good for running as well (but I hate running and won't be the one to test that theory).

Find them here.

Cost: $30.00

Monogrammed Mark and Graham Trays

I don't know about you, but my family and I love a tray. In this case, I'm not talking about a decorative tray, either. I'm talking about a tray used to transport or pass drinks, appetizers and dinners.

Just looking at the second photo makes me eager to carry out glasses of rosè to my back porch! This monogrammed tray would make such a cute wedding gift and will probably make an appearance on my eventual Mother's Day gift guide, too.

Find it here.

Cost: starting at $67.99

An Affordable Leather Vase

"Leather vase" sounds weird but makes sense when you see it. They've been trending recently with brands like Amber Interiors and Studio McGee popularizing their design styles. I think they add a nice touch of warmth and patina to a room or vignette.

This one is only $20 from Target but if you'd rather support a smaller shop, there are some great Etsy options.

Find it here.

Cost: $20.00

Thank you for reading along!