Friday Favorites: 03.19.21

I've gotta say, this week's list is a good one. I was feeling inspired and went digging for awesome finds and some of my favorite inspiration photos to date.

Home Tour: Freshly Renovated Atlanta Cottage

When asked about design style, I like to say that I align with the "Modern Traditionalists." I didn't coin that term, but I was thrilled to stumble upon it. I feel like I finally found something that describes the style I gravitate towards. It is chic and elegant and collected, all while feeling home-y.

The exterior of the home is lovely as well. The full home tour is worth your time.

See the full home tour here.

The Shirt of my Dreams!

I. want. this. shirt. so. badly. I know you all are going to love it, too. The fit is very flattering, the sleeves add some excitement and the cuffed sleeves finish it off. The real superstar of the shirt is the fabric/pattern, though. It can be easily dressed up or down and will never go out of style.

Find it here.

Cost: $148.00

Some Good Finds from Nordstrom Rack

Surprise! Nordstrom Rack has a small home goods section. Not everything on the site is a winner but they have some good finds if you dig a little. They sell a lot of known brands at a discount.

Check out their decorative accessories, lighting and throw blankets. I was really impressed with some of the throws -- this one with the creamsicle color palette in particular.

Find the blanket here.

Cost: $34.97

Shona Joy Collection

All of my online searches for quality products to feature on Friday Favorites have really paid off in my targeted advertising. I feel like the algorithm really knows me at this point.

Through one of these ads, I found the Shona Joy collection. I've been so tempted to order either the white dress or the two-piece outfit (shown above). Everything in the collection has a special element that makes it unique -- oversized belts, puff sleeves, ties, etc. I found the pricing to be really reasonable and am excited to buy something from the collection for myself someday!

Shop the collection here.

Another Amazing Bathroom

If I could have several main bathrooms someday, this would be one of them. Maybe not my first choice, but it would be in the house. It is a wonderful mix of traditional elements (the drapes matching the chair fabric) and some quirky pieces (the fringe light fixture, the painted pale blue window trim and the penny tile).

See more photos here.

Pretty (& Affordable) Bath Towels

In my linen closet, I have a set of towels for my household and I have a set for guests. The guests get the nice set and we don't use them for ourselves (unless the laundry situation is really dire). It didn't cost much to make this happen and it always makes things feel more special for our guests and for ourselves as we get the house ready for them to arrive.

If you want to invest in a set of towels that are a little too nice to wipe your mascara on, check these out from Target.

Find them here.

Cost: $7.99+

Perigold Flush Mount

Perigold is a nice place to look for designer items. I sometimes peruse the sale section for great deals. I think this unique flush mount is a good price at $128. It also comes in black.

Find it here.

Cost: $128.00

Thank you for reading along!