Friday Favorites: 02.19.21

We're back to theme-less Friday Favorites. This week, I'm highlighting everything from a fancy bathing suit to a design hack that you probably first saw at your grandma's house. Enjoy below!

Home Tour: Pandora Sykes' London Home

So much stands out to me about this bathroom. The painted floors, the quirky knobs and pulls, the minimal tile backsplash, the wallpaper and even the teeny pictures leaning behind the sinks. Mostly, it has character. And the design took a lot more thought than pairing the Instagram-friendly white, black and brass that we're all so used to seeing...

Anyway, this is just one room from a very well-designed home. Every room feels collected and intentional. I love it and hope you will too!

See the tour here.

Becki Owens x HVL

This light is in consideration for a design project I'm working on. You already know I love this look (my bed is essentially a bed version of this light) and, once again, I can't get enough! The entire Becki Owens x Hudson Valley Lighting collection is great but this one really stood out. This style also comes as a wall sconce and several other types of ceiling fixtures.

Find the details here.

Cost: $990.00 estimated for the one pictured. If you know or work with an interior designer, they might be able to offer a better price.

Table Lamp from Target

This little lamp from the Studio McGee x Target collaboration is awesome for the price. The shade has a great shape and the lamp itself is a nice size for a small console, table or shelf. The brass also isn't too shiny, which is a pet peeve of mine. If you wanted the lamp but really didn't like the whitewashed faux-wood base, you could always paint it. I think it would look great in dark gray or black.

Find it here.

Cost: $40.00

Fancy Bikini

Would I ever pay $330.00 for a bikini?? Maybe. I follow a stylist on Instagram (@M.G._style) and have been convinced that having one really nice bathing suit in your repertoire isn't a bad idea. It definitely makes the most sense if your vacation scenario involves reading and drinking on the beach while someone else takes photos of you in your fancy suit. I wouldn't wear this to a lake weekend but would consider it for a relaxing luxury getaway.

Also, I found this suit through the stylist I mentioned above, Styled by M.G. She is a great follow if you're looking for style inspiration! She posts some splurges, like this one, but also showcases dupes for high-end looks. Find her on Instagram here.

Find it here.

Cost: $330.00

Blue Light Glasses from Felix Gray

I often get asked about these pink glasses of mine, so I thought I would share their source. They're blue light glasses from a company called Felix Gray. I bought mine years ago and still wear them daily while I'm staring at my computer for hours on end. Mine are non-prescription but a prescription can be added to the lenses.

Find them here.

Cost: $95.00 for non-prescription.

Design Hack: The Skirted Table

You might be wondering why is a skirted table could be considered a design hack.

Several reasons:

1) A skirted table is a statement piece that can be put together for way less $ than other statement tables. The table underneath the fabric is irrelevant outside of its shape, so you're looking at an investment in the fabric and maybe a glass topper if you want one.

2) These tables provide amazing storage! Think about it... no one is peeking under your table skirt. It is the perfect spot to hide a basket of dog toys, a huge stack of extra magazines or books, spare blankets, etc. etc.

3) They're unique and add a lot of character to a room. Once again, this isn't a trend that you'll find blowing up on social media. The skirted table is a sophisticated design element that takes a look to the next level (when used correctly).

4) This is a super easy way to fill an empty corner or awkward foyer. Deepening on where you put it, top it with a lamp, vase of flowers and some coffee table books and you're good to go.

If you don't trust my judgment, check out this article. I've rounded up some pretty fabrics and skirt options below. Click on each one to visit.

Weekender Bag for under $50

I'm a big fan of the hot pink on this weekender bag. It is available from Amazon for just under $50. I think this would make a great gift for someone (or yourself), and you could get it monogrammed for an added special touch. Other colors are available, but this is the best one!

Find it here.

Cost: $49.99

Send me your ideas for Friday Favorites as you have them! Thanks to everyone who has so far.