Friday Favorites: 02.05.21

This week's favorites follow a loose Valentine's Day edit. These days, I'm latching onto every possible reason to celebrate! So grab some heart-shaped chocolates and enjoy this somewhat festive newsletter.

Gray Malin Minis

Gray Malin's photography is unmistakable. His light, airy and whimsical images are reminiscent of being on vacation and always put me in a good mood!

His large, framed images are worthy of a splurge someday but for now, I'm excited about these miniature prints, which are back in stock for a limited time. If you're looking to start collecting some artwork that "looks expensive," these minis are the perfect entry point into the world of elevated art!

To those wondering why you would ever pay almost $200 for a 13.5" x 10" print, I have several comments: 1) the composition of Gray Malin's photography is unmatched 2) the quality of the actual print (color, gloss, etc.) is noticeable and 3) the framing is perfectly executed. You will not get the same look from an Etsy knock-off, although there are times when you should go for the cheaper choice! I'll link some knockoffs in an upcoming post about artwork.

Find the minis here.

Cost: $199.00

Galentine's Day Gifts

This week was special because one of my oldest friends and I were featured in a Popsugar article about Galentine's Day gifts. Morgan picked out all of these gifts from Macy's with me in mind. She did such a great job that I thought I would share them here as well!

I bought the bath soak for my mom as a Valentine's happy and I got the ice molds for my dad as a birthday gift. All of the little happies (little happies = small gifts) she picked out are affordable (under $30) and will make someone smile.

Click on each item for the link and find the article here.

Cute Heart Socks

Until recently, I did not understand why people bought anything other than white no-show socks. People gifted me fun socks from time to time, which I always appreciated for holidays and the occasional Sunday at home. Now that I'm doing pretty much everything from home, I have come to appreciate fun and cozy socks and rarely ever wear my plain Jane whites!

Bombas socks are great in themselves and I'm really loving this heart print. Thanks to my reader (and cousin!) who suggested this highlight.

Find them here.

Cost: $12.00

Feminine Painting

Valentine's Day is a great excuse to treat yourself to an affordable and cute feminine painting. This Etsy vendor paints each one by hand, so they're unique! The texture instantly adds character and depth to the painting, which would be cute on a shelf or as part of a gallery wall.

Find it here.

Cost: Starting at $110.00

Heart Cardigan

This cardigan would be perfect for V-day, of course, but I would wear it anytime! I would pair it with a plain white tee like this one, a petite necklace like this one, relaxed jeans and flats like these.

Find it here.

Cost: $99.00

Red Dress!

Everyone needs one good red dress in their repertoire. The details on this one are fantastic! It is flirty and stylish at the same time. Plus, it is on sale for less than $200.

Find it here.

Cost: $199.50

A blanket for the ladies

I stumbled upon this blanket when looking for some pink/red home goods for this edit. I love it! The hot pink trim really sets it apart.

To make a statement, I would use it as a throw blanket on a plain, white sofa. If I lived in a two-story loft with a big, blank wall (and knew a custom framer...) I would consider framing this!

Find it here.

Cost: $108.00

Send me your ideas for Friday Favorites as you have them! Thanks to everyone who has so far.