Friday Favorites: 01.22.21

What a week! My husband surprised me with one of my best friends coming into town last weekend and I can truly say I have never been more shocked! It was a late birthday surprise from him, which was really sweet and made up for my gift being perpetually "stuck in the mail." On top of that, his birthday was Sunday and we all spent the day exploring Tulsa, then went to a "speakeasy" type steakhouse for an incredible dinner. The design of the restaurant was just as good as the food, which you might have seen on contemporarie's Instagram stories from that evening. To add to the excitement, MLK Day was Monday and the inauguration took place Wednesday. I didn't think I had the capacity to handle any more stimulation for the week, but found myself taking in a stray dog for a few hours after it wandered into our gym last night. Luckily, he had a collar on and the owner's sister was able to come pick him up.

It was a fun, exciting and looooong week. I'm ready for the weekend.

Pretty Glassware

Since most of our meals are being enjoyed at home, we might as well make the best of it. Now is the perfect time to invest in some pretty glassware to elevate your experience at home and to have in handy for when you can start entertaining again (maybe soon?).

Click on each glass for the link. I own the cute bee glasses on the top row! All are from Anthropologie.

Stunning "Wedding" Dress

My husband and I had planned on having a fairly large wedding last June but, of course, the plans were derailed by COVID. Fortunately, we were still able to have a smaller ceremony. You can read allllll about it here.

Anyway, because we still had deposits with vendors and because we were upset not to have the large event we planned, we pushed everything out for a one-year anniversary party scheduled for summer 2021. It seemed like a foolproof plan at the time, but as we're seeing, June is still unpredictable.

All of this to say, I started thinking about what I would want to wear in June if we are able to have any sort of celebration, and I came across this dress! It would be perfect for the rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour, or as a getaway dress. I'm re-wearing my wedding dress for the ceremony itself (because how often do you get to wear it twice?!) but it could pass as an actual wedding dress for an elopement or casual ceremony.

Find it here.

Cost: $1,250

Sweater dress from Amazon

Taken, once again, from Julia Berolzheimer's "20 Favorite Finds from Amazon" blog, this sweater dress is AMAZING. I own it in green and have referred it to so many people. I even bought one for my best friend for Christmas. She got the purple and loves it too.

It fits pretty true-to-size. The colors are a little more muted in person, which I think is a good thing. Paired with some hoops and booties, this $30 dress looks quite expensive.

Here's Julia in the green, which is the color I own:

Find it here.

Cost: $31.99

Cane Back Dining Chairs

Photography by Graham Yelton; Image provided by Set to Sell

This look is so timeless! Black stained wood, a nice neutral fabric and cane detailing will never get old or go out of style, in my opinion. It is also usually pretty pricey.

If you're in a place of being okay with something close to this look but not "exactly" perfectly executed, check out the new Threshold x Studio McGee collab from Target. They just launched a $130 Cane Dining Chair, which I've shown below.

I put the chair in a collage with similar -- and more expensive -- styles so you can see the difference in coloring. The cane in the Target chair is much more saturated and orange-ish than the others. The 100% Polyester cushion is a little darker than I would like, but it is a performance material and should withstand stains.

Maybe you could paint or stain the backing in the Target chair if it ended up being too saturated in your space? I'm not sure. Regardless, the point of me sharing this is to show that there is an affordable -- although not perfect -- option out there if you like this look but can't afford to pay $350+ for a chair.

If you can splurge, I recommend the Britt Dining Chair, which is made by Four Hands. I've used it in staging before and can vouch for it!

Link to chairs by vendor:

Target | Burke Decor | Joss & Main | Zin Home

On the wedding theme.... this ring!

I'm all-in for an unconventional engagement ring. As mentioned above, I've been doing a lot of wedding searches on Pinterest lately in hopes that we can work out something for June, so my "recommended for you" feed is back to engagement rings, floral arrangements, dresses, cakes and honeymoon spots.

This beauty popped up and I thought I would share for anyone in the market!

Find it here.

Cost: $6,900.00

My engagement and wedding rings are pictured below. I like to think they have a vintage look to them. All three are from Consider the Wldflwrs in Nashville.

Emily Henderson's New Farmhouse Project

Emily Henderson's blog strikes again! I love following along because she really does share it all -- all of the details, challenges, budget issues, mistakes and successes. I'm very excited that she just purchased a farmhouse in Oregon to renovate so I can follow along.

If you like to see the process behind the magic as much as I do, follow along and check out her farmhouse post here.

Pillows worth the splurge

I used to wonder why anyone would ever spend more than $50 on a pillow, let alone $250.00+. Well, after working in design and spending weekends taking shifts at a high-end store in Birmingham, I get it.

Some pillows are simply so nice that they are worth the extra money. They set the tone for the room and, in many cases, are the element that ties everything else together.

I have only splurged on accent pillows for myself one time. While I lived in Birmingham, I worked weekends at Patina, a wonderful design and lifestyle shop in one of the nicest part of Birmingham. I got a nice discount while working there, which warranted a few splurges while I could take advantage of them. I saw pillows from Maison de Vacances and couldn't believe how nice they were.

There is something special about these pillows. The fabric, the construction, the seam detail, the leather zipper... it all really makes a difference. I think you can even tell from the photo of them on my bed that the trim and texture is elevated.

Google "Maison de Vacances" or check out the selection here. If you're really on a a budget but want something of this caliber, consider doing what I did and picking up some hours at a local high-end boutique!

Send me your ideas for Friday Favorites as you have them! Thanks to everyone who has so far.