Friday Favorites: 01.15.21

I have a hodge-podge of things to share this week. I'm highlighting a few great articles I read, a wastebasket under $30, a fun mug, and a lot of dresses I wish I could wear somewhere.

Some Dresses I Wish I Could Wear

I am dying to get dressed up and attend a fancy event. These dresses are all splurges that I'm not prepared to actually purchase but if someone reading has an event coming up, maybe you can splurge for me!

Click on each dress for the link to shop.

Article: So what does it really look like to work with an interior designer?

One of my favorite interior designers gave an incredible and honest interview with Business of Home that is 100% worth the read. If you've ever wondered what it really looks like to 1) be an interior designer 2) work at a design firm or 3) work with a designer, take 10 minutes to read this interview.

I learned a lot from reading it and, while I'm no longer doing formal design work, it is helpful to see how an established professional runs her business and executes on projects.

Read the article here.

Cute Wastebasket Under $20

Cute, functional and affordable. There is no better combo!

Find it here.

Cost: $19.99

This Office Designed with Wellness in Mind

This office is stunning! The color palette, natural textures and muted tones create a serene and cohesive office space that serves in form and function. And just because it is an office space doesn't mean we can't find inspiration for our homes.

See more photos and read about the design here.

Make Tea Time Fun with this Cute Mug

This mug is so cute! A sweet friend of mine gifted it to me for my birthday and it has quickly become a favorite. Pick this up as a surcee** for a friend or as a pick-me-up for yourself.

**Surcee: a thoughtful and unexpected gift. I think this might be a Southern term, and an older one at that.

Find it here.

Cost: $6.00

This cardigan with pearl buttons that costs under $20

A stylist I follow highlighted this item from the H&M sale! The buttons are really cute and elevate this familiar silhouette. Plus, it is under $20 right now.

Find it here.

Cost; $19.99

Wicker Side Table

If I had to guess a brand for this, I would guess Serena & Lily or Lulu & Georgia. Surprise! It is from Urban Outfitters. Props to them for including the scalloped edge that takes this simple table up ten notches.

If you don't like the natural wicker but love the shape, you could spray paint this easily. I'm considering it for my guest bedroom! How cute would it be in a muted green?

Thank you to Kennedy, a friend and follower who sent this to me!

Find it here.

Cost: $99.00

Send me your ideas for Friday Favorites as you have them! Thanks to everyone who has so far.