Friday Favorites: 01.08.21

This week focuses a lot on other blogs. January has hit and I'm feeling the desire to take a major step back from all of the online shopping and browsing that takes place in November-December. I hope you're as inspired by these blogs as I am! I also included a few products I'm loving after either giving or receiving (or buying them for myself) over the holidays.

Update from last week: My green pants from Nordstrom came in. They're thick and are clearly well-made but were way too big. I read reviews that they ran small so I went up a size but it didn't work out. The color is cute and I can tell they would make a great addition to a wardrobe, just not mine after all!

Heights House Living Room

I found this blog on Pinterest after getting really excited about her sofa. You see, the company I work for actually makes it! It is my favorite sofa frame we offer and I was thrilled to see her post giving it some love.

So I just spent the last 45 minutes writing all about the sofa -- its construction, the fabric, the pillow sizes, where to find it, what would be a good price... all of it. Then I realized that it might be helpful to do one big "sofa shopping guide and FAQ post" instead. Stay tuned for that and send me your questions on Instagram in the meantime.

For now, I wanted to share her blog showing the process of putting her living room together. Sadly, the linen sofa sold out and, with the current state of the container shortage, it isn't likely to come back anytime soon. The sofa is still available in gray from Lamps Plus but is not on sale for the same price she bought this one for, so don't get too excited when you read about the price in her post.

Read the post here.

Find the gray sofa here.

Chris Loves Julia Bedroom Makeover

I'm in love. Really. I'm so over the light, bright and white rooms. Where is the character?! I'm ready for more rooms like this -- collected, colorful(ish), warm and unique.

See the full post with details on the transformation here.

Pajamas from Amazon

I'm obsessed with pajama sets. If you've been here a minute, you probably know about my insatiable desire for every set of Lake Pajamas ever made. I love pajama sets so much that at one point in college, my best friend and I started doing research to start a company that made cute sleepwear. We abandoned ship but that doesn't mean it won't happen someday!

In the meantime, I'll continue to grow my pajama collection (for research purposes, of course). I spotted these cute silk pj's on Julia Berolzheimer's "20 Favorite Finds from Amazon" blog and decided to go for them.

They are amazing and really worth the praise she gives them! I got the green pair and am pleased with the quality, fit and color. I'm not seeing the green as an option any longer, but I'm also a big fan of the pink, blue/gray and gray color options. The pants have a drawstring waist, so you can't really go wrong with the fit. These would also make a cute gift!

Find them here.

Cost: $28.49

Kendra Found It

Recently, my cousin sent me a link to the Kendra Found It blog. The concept is pretty cool -- essentially, she finds "copycats" of expensive items from some of the well-known designer brands.

While I have enjoyed going through her site, I want to be clear on my philosophy: sometimes you need to splurge and there is no substitution for the real thing. Products are made differently and construction, material choice and quality determine how well the product will work, how it looks and how long it will last.

But, of course, there are times when we want to create a certain look at a lower price point. And there are products that can be copied more easily and without risk. For example, a copycat sconce is a no-brainer, whereas I would hesitate to buy an inexpensive copycat sofa or bed (unless I knew 100% they wouldn't be used often and were temporary for my space).

Anyway, the blog is really fun to go through and Kendra is very talented!

Check it out here.

Dolly Parton: Songteller

If you're not already obsessed with Dolly Parton, hop on the train! She is an amazing woman with a heart as big as her boobs. I gifted this book to my sister-in-law for Christmas, then proceeded to take it from her and read it until she had to leave for the airport.

I learned so much about the history of country music, the meaning behind Dolly's songs and about Dolly's life philosophy, which I hope to emulate. The photography is also stunning.

Highly recommend as a captivating read and a cute coffee table book!

Find it here.

Cost: $39.86

Studio McGee Pillows

We've talked before about elevated pillow covers. Studio McGee has some really cute ones!

Find them here.

Emily Henderson Blog: Design 101 - What's the Difference Between Bed Blankets, Bedspread and Coverlets??

The title of this post made me laugh because I've been there. When I first started out home staging, making the bed was one of the most daunting parts of the stage! There are literally hundreds of ways to make a bed using every combo of bedspread, coverlet, bed blanket, duvet, and quilt possible. What is what and what goes where!?

While there isn't really a "right" answer, it is helpful to know the terms and how each layer is typically used.

I'm a big fan of Emily Henderson's blog because she breaks down things that many of us feel like we're supposed to know. Her post on this topic is short and sweet and will probably make you go, "ooooohhh... I get it now!"

Read it here.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found some new items to love.