A little about me & how contemporarie came to be


I started this blog to document my journey of building a collected, artistic home. Along the way, I'll write on some other fun topics like weddings, event planning and personal style.


As a twenty-something-year-old coming to terms with my realistic budget and my expensive taste for all things style and interiors, I've learned how to build up to the home I want. Sometimes that looks like making the most of a hand-me-down item, sometimes it looks like thrifting and sometimes it means splurging on a statement piece.

I'm borrowing a term from my favorite blogger when I call myself a "modern traditionalist." I like mixing antiques and patina with contemporary statement pieces. The good news? This tactic is pretty budget-friendly if you know how to work an estate sale, your grandma's old furniture or your Marketplace feed.

Outside of the blog, I've worked in digital marketing, advertising, home staging and interior design. Contemporarie was a fun way for me to combine my interests and hopefully provide some inspiration to others along the way. Now, after a cross-country move to Tulsa, Oklahoma, I work in remotely marketing for a furniture brand and do interior design projects on the side -- some of which will be shared here!

I've called my home-building process a journey because it certainly is.  I'm not "there" yet and not sure when that day will come but it is fun to get creative along the way.

Follow along with me as I collect, build, thrift and style my way to a beautiful and personality-filled home.

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Drop the 'y,' add an 'ie' and what do you get? My take on modern and current style. A blend of the old and the new. A collection of items that define your personality and make you feel at home.